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Stage IV immuno, chemo failed SCLC


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Hello everyone:

my name is shawn, my brother was diagnosed with lung cancer last year, started with a back pain, MRI was taken the did the surgery on his back, pain never gone away, then they had to do another fuller scan and MRI they observed two tumors in his left and and right lungs and a larger tumor in his illuo-sacral area. They did only a biopsy of this area, the test at first showed PDL-1 90% and based on this they thought my brother has None-small cell lung cancer, they started the treatment with Keytruda, after five round, my brother got really sick and his breathing with so back  and after the scan they saw no tumor change, they tried a biopsy in the right lung, then they said he doesn't have cancer in that right side, second biopsy after tumor got enlarged, confirmed small cell lung cancer. ( am not ever sure if their diognosis was accurate). so here we are we did the first Chemo Platinum based chemo, my brother responded to chemo only for three weeks, tumor got bigger in three weeks, they put my brother in second line chemo topotecan and it didn't help and turmor now metastasized in his liver, until now there was no new spot. 

so they started a three combination drug cheom CVD and he finished the first one but he is very sick. All this was done in compass oncology in portland

is there any other hospital and clinic that you think is better to take my brother in for further evaluation and possible treatment?

thank you for reading this








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Hi Shawn,

I'm sorry your brother is receiving conflicting information.  LUNGevity has a HELPLine that might be helpful for him.  You can speak with an oncologist social work and they can help you navigate next steps.https://lungevity.org/for-patients-caregivers/support-services/lung-cancer-helpline


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Hi @shawndd   I’m really sorry to hear about your brother diagnosis.  I went through much the same with my father.  Unfortunately his battle was many years ago and the treatment options were not the same that they are today.  National Cancer Institute Cancer Centers are a good option.  This is one in the Portland area.  https://www.ohsu.edu/knight-cancer-institute/about-us

I also find the Lung Cancer Living Room series Informative   There is one tonight on YouTube that talks about Immunotherapy.  https://go2foundation.org/resources-and-support/lung-cancer-living-room/




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Welcome - when I did research upon my dignosis, OHSU is the only one ranked as "comprehensive" cancer center in Oregon by NIC.  There are only 40 some cancer centers ranked as comprehensive (highest designation).  OHSU has lung cancer specialist oncologists located in their waterfront building by the river (not up on the hill where the campus is) - https://www.ohsu.edu/knight-cancer-institute/lung-cancer

Let us know if you need any other info or help.


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