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Adenosquamous carcinoma lung cancer


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The treatments depend what stage you are in. I was classified with stage 3A NSCLC (adenosquamous carcinoma) 16 months ago. Been through concurrent chemoradiation, follow-up chemo and then Immunotherapy. Just recently suffered a small setback in the fight, but I am in an overall better condition than I was 16 months ago. Still here and fighting back. Many others have been here a lot longer, even those in stage 4,  so don't give up hope and think there is no chance! 

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Thank you so much for your response 

I am actually a caregiver for my Dad. He was diagnosed with 3B Adenosquamous lung and lymph nodes.  I was hopeful until we found out his subtype. With what I've read this subtype is a rare kind and it just scares me to death! 

We are still waiting for final treatment to be set in place, his case is being reviewed by a lung committee. 

I'm glad you are feeling good and the treatment is helping, I can only pray it will work for my dad as well. 

God Bless 

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I was diagnosed with the nsclc 3B squamous cell, also in the lymph nodes. I was told up front that surgery wasn’t an option because of the location of the lymph nodes. After going through chemo and radiation and which shrank the main tumor and killed the cancer in my lymph nodes I was able to have surgery. 

The surgeon decided he could do the surgery and remove the main tumor. The surgery was done October 5, 2018 and the lymph nodes removed showed no evidence of desease. The main tumor had shrunk to 1.5 cm and with the lobectomy to remove it I’m now NED. My last two pet scans and 2 ct scans have been clear.  

I pray the same results for your father. 

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Oh my gosh, That's great! Thank you for sharing your story! We are all trying to stay optimistic but it is so hard. Thank you for your positivity 

God Bless you and I pray you remain clear of this horrible disease 


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Welcome! You must have read the same info I did on this rare lung cancer type. The literature online is indeed frightening.

My mother (now 68) had stage 3a NSCLC adeno-squamous carcinoma (EGFR positive). It was near her heart and inoperable at first. She had chemo (cisplatin combo) which shrank it and made surgery possible. The surgeon (thank god) achieved 100% clear margins and did some lymph node sampling. Since she had two lymp nodes in the mediastinum which were positive, she had radiation after surgery. It was harsh on her and impacted her walking ability somewhat. However, she has been cancer free for over two years.

Her result is very different from the prognosis I read about this type online. 

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