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Feeling unwell 6months after lobectomy


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Hi! I am a 58 year old female who underwent left lung lobectomy I'm February 2019 for adenicarcinoma (T2aN0M0). Didn't receive any chemo after . The operation was a success and all chest CTs and brain MRI are good. But since the op I have been feeling really unwell : light headed, hot flushes, consistent low body temperature, insomnia. The doctors say that it is depression and prescribe me antidepressants. However I have a gut feeling that it is not. Can anybody advise please? 

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I had a lobectomy in February as well.  I’m not completely healed either. Still have some numbness on the incision side.  Your symptoms do sound like it could be depression.  How long have you been on the depressant?  Please excuse a man suggesting this but those symptoms also sound like it could be menopause.  I always suggest people follow their gut.  Push the doctors to look deeper into whatever you think it could be.  Keep in mind that lung cancer doesn’t usually have symptoms until very late stage.  It would be pretty out if the ordinary for cancer to progress to the point of symptoms this soon after you were given an all clear in February.  When was your last CT?   

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Hi Mari and welcome. I'm sorry to hear about your uncomfortable and upsetting symptoms.  I thinks Curt's suggestions are good. Are you taking the prescribed antidepressant? If you've been taking it for several weeks and have no relief, I suggest following up for a possible change in med or dosage, as well as following up on possible physical problems.

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