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Partner diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer


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In September 2018 my partner was diagnosed with Stage 3a lung carsenosarcoma cancer. She underwent a gruelling treatment of chemo and radiotherapy, followed by successful surgery in December.

She was recovering well, but had a stroke in May that was diagnosed as a brain met, changing her diagnosis to stage 4.

She's had another successful surgery, but now we're terrified about further mets or reoccurrences. 

Has anyone got any similar, positive stories that we can take comfort from please?

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Hi Maxnutter

Welcome to the group no one wants to join.  Cancer therapies have made more progress in the last five years than fifty. As we speak the World’s leading experts are meeting in Barcelona for the annual world conference.  

During a recent webinar by Memorial Sloan Kettering, the head of Thoracic Oncology said Stage IV isn’t the end of the world.  Brain Mets are not a predictor of outcome these days. 

I was diagnosed at Stage IV, doing well on targeted therapy. For me diagnosis is not prognosis.  You might also want to look at the book by Jane McLelland, How to Starve Cancer. She’s in the U.K. , her Integrative Medicine clinic sounds interesting.  

There are a number of survivors here in this forum. You landed in the right place. Ask any questions.  Hang onto your hope because the science is on our side. 


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I've been following this thread, but I have not had the type of experience your partner did.  My cancer was Stage 1a and was resolved with a lobectomy.  There were no mets or other implications, but Michelle is spot on that therapies and outcomes have come so far in the last five years.  There are so many on this forum that have had chemo, recurrences, mets and many other battles they can share.  But the thing I like about my newfound family here is that they are all survivors (as am I).  I pray for you and your partner and look forward to hearing any updates over time.


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