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OK, I'm going to add my two cents to this forum, well, for one, I have some free minutes and 2, I am the moderator and I CAN! :lol: LOL hehe!

I just wanted to post to EVERYONE here how wonderful I think you all are! In just the last few weeks we have gotten many more members on this board. Some dealing with SCLC some dealing with other types of L/C. and I wanted to point out how utterly amazing it is how L/C survivors and their family members band together like this FAMILY we have become. :!::!:

I have noticed postings from folks with 2, 3, 10, or just 20 postings to their names and they are here for support, but what is AMAZING is that they are supporting US! Caring for us and willing to be here for us.! These "newbies" who have been thru so much in just a short time! THANK YOU new friends. I am so glad you found this message board!

As a new member of this family, you can already see how much we mean to each other and how greatly we support each other. Some of you recently dx. folks sound like veterans when replying to a post, but I realize that it is because you CARE that you take the time to respond to others in need!

I find it highly theraputic to lend support to others and I know that you new guys will too. You are ALL added to our prayers daily and we are rooting for you guys to BEAT THIS HORRIBLE disease!!!

A few things, don't forget Dave's chats on Wed. nights. PM any of us that may be able to lend support. Some of us phone each other, and all of us, patient or caregiver, are in this thing TOGETHER!

I can't tell you how BRAVE I think everyone on this board is and I can't tell you how compasionate and caring each and everyone of you are.

WELCOME friends, I look forward to getting to know all of you new folks who are just now posting.

God Bless.

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KatieB -

I want to thank everyone responsible for this awesome forum that has helped me through my darkest hours with my Mom's diagnosis to her sudden "near death" V-Tac experience! What I love about this place is that it is the little things that can be celebrated by folks that KNOW how much those count! And of course it is an outstanding day for me when I read about those that have surpassed all medical expectations. Upon landing here as a virtual stranger I immediately felt at home and generously given by so many their knowledge, compassion and prayers. I can honestly say that this place has kept me going in allowing me to cry, question and vent but most importantly to feel HOPE when there wasn't any before. Thank you all for making such a difference despite your own needs. I just hope that eventually I can pass it forward to the next person when they want that same "virtual hug" and shoulder when times are darkest for them. I will learn and grow because of this not inspite of this! God Bless and Hugs to all!

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Hello Katie and Linda,

I sure am glad that we have this board. Thanks to Rick for donating the board and your support, it is such a blessing. :D:D:D


I was just thinking about you. Please update us and let us know how your MOM is doing. Thinking of you and praying for her healing.


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Dear Katie,

Thank you, as ever, for the generous outpouring of your heart. You so often go straight to the "heart" of the matter. And, as ever, thanks to Rick and you for providing this board.

You stated it so well, but for some days I had been thinking about all the new people posting messages. It is so sad that they have the need to join us, but it is wonderful that they are feeling comfortable enough to join in. The new faces and voices are adding immeasurably to our united FAMILY. :D

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Guest bessb


Thank you and all the others responsible for making this board available, I seriously don't know what I would do without it now that I have found it. It just makes you feel so good to be able to read about others who understand what you are going through and for all the kind and encouraging words. It is an awesome group of people who through unfortunate circumstances have banded together to become a family.

Bess B

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Guest canuckwebgrrl

Thanks to Katie and others who help keep this board up and running!

I've found so much support here. This board helps me in a way that nothing else does. No one else knows what we're going through, I'm so glad we're here for one another.

Great job guys!

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