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Hello, Ray G.,

I had a right pneumonectomy last May. Sudden onset of pain barely two weeks after major thoracic surgery isn't something you should let ride over this long Holiday weekend. Please call your surgeon and let him/her decide if this is something you should have checked out.

Once you have this problem evaluated and treated come on back and let us know how you are doing...

Best Wishes,

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Dear Ray,

Welcome to your new family! :) Sorry you have the need to find us, but we're more then glad to lend you a helping hand.

I have to agree with Fay on calling your Surgeon. ASAP. I had my left lung removed 8-1/2 years ago, but my surgeon told me to call if I had anything that was painful or out of the unordinary. What is out of the UN-ORDINARY? Who knows at this point, but don't let it go untreated. You may need to do something simple like, up your pain meds for a week or sooooo. Please call your doctor, and let us know how it goes. Nothing to monkey around with. Let your doctor call the shots on this one. Don't second guess it. You'll be better off. Besides, that's what you pay him for. :wink:

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I also am relativley new to this whole thing. I had my surgery on Feb 9

pain is bad you can expect dicomfort but not pain. I was sent home on oral meds and 5 hrs later had excruciating muscle spasam pain and eventualy was readmited to manage the pain. Not a fun experience. if you feel strongly they are giving you the wrong meds dont stop disagreeing always stand your ground. remember you know your body you live in it 24-7 the doctors only see you what 10 min every day in hospital and 15 min each visit in the docs office....... good luck

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