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Tick Tock - Scan Time


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My first six month CT scan post lobectomy.  Not a thought crossed my mind until I put the robe on and sat down in the CT waiting room.  Then the anxiety begins.  Getting the IV provided some distraction.  I don’t mind needles and the  nurse who put it in was nice.  Then laying there staring up at the CT Machine all the “what if’s” start in.  On to the doctors waiting room.  I’m lucky that I get a CT Scan then meet with the doctor right after.  The hour in between is enough worry for me.  Sitting in the waiting room.  Tick Tock it’s like time is frozen.  From the waiting room to the exam room.  More waiting.  More wondering and worrying.  Is it taking so long because there is something wrong?  Are they reading my CT and trying to figure out what something is on there is?  Is my headache from the CT Contrasts or the stress?  The Doctor comes in.  We talk for five minutes. All clear.  NED.  Got there at 1:50 and was gone by 3:20.  I am so thankful they do it that way.  The hour and a half of worry is more than enough for me.  I really wish it was the same for everyone.  Next CT is March 2020.  

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I'm thrilled to hear this super news.  You're doing great and since we were pretty close together in diagnosis and surgeries hearing your scan results boost my own mood.  I don't get my scan until February, so I'm going to really try and keep my head into LIFE until then, but (truth be told) sometimes later at night my mind begins to wander and that's when I look at results like yours and smile with the feeling that all will be well.

Thanks for the great news and congratulations!!!


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