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First scan after starting treatment

Lin wilki

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So some good news. Main tumor shrunk. However other questionable things —  lymph nodes enlarged and one small new nodule. Doc said they believe it is immunotherapy response and not progression.    So now wait 3 months for PET scan 

So.  Stay the course!

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Hi Lin-

That’s good news, shrinkage is good!  Stay away from Dr Google, I saw my Integrative doc just before vacation, she said anything more than six  months is already too old to be valid.  

The immunotherapy response you’ve seen is actually quite normal.  There’s so many unknowns with this immunotherapy. Tonight in the Lung Cancer Living Room on YouTube will be dedicated to this type of therapy. Now that might be worth tuning into. 

Lock & load!

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Michelle couldn't be more right about Dr. Google... it sounds like your team has this so continue to learn all you can about your treatment from those you deal with and more reliable sources (I haven't seen this Lung Cancer Living Room, but will check it out).  Keep moving forward and we'll be pulling and praying for you.


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