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Hi all,

It had been three months since my last CT scan so this time my scanxiety was heightened. Heard from my oncologist and the results show only mild progression.

So, it's growing more the way it did before I was in the trial, which is good news. There weren't any new nodules, which is also good news. So, I return in 8 weeks for another CT...Meanwhile, I'm waiting for a clinical trial to come to Boston. As long as things continue to grow gradually, and I don't develop symptoms, it seems like it's okay to wait it out a bit longer.

Tom-Hoping that you hear good news following your scan!


Best to all,


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Hi Ro

Its hard to believe that it’s been three months already!  I’m hoping that the next clinical trial is successful for you (when the time comes). It must be a relief to have confirmation the personal vaccine & immuno didn’t do anything to accelerate the course.  I really appreciate everything you’re doing to help advance the science. We’ll all benefit as a result.  Onward. 


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Thanks everyone! You are all so supportive.

Tom-I'm so happy to hear that you had good news! You are an inspiration to everyone!

Michelle-Actually, I had more progression when I was on the Personal Cancer Vaccine with Tecentriq trial. But now the progression seems to be back to the way it was heading before the trial. Yes, I'm taking it as good news and hope the trial gets here soon! Thank you for following along and cheering me on! It means a lot to me!

Lou-you have been an amazing support to me. Thank you!

Take care,


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Hi Ro,

It must be the scanxiety season. I was freaking out about the upcoming scan that I had last week after 4 more months of Keytruda. I had good results and I hope that you do too. Good luck and as Tom would say stay the course.


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