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need help on diet


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Hi Everyone,

I have read this message board every day since August when my mom was diagnosed with sclc, it has been a God send for me to know that there are survivors from lung cancer!!

My mom has had 3 cycles of chemo, she had to stop because it was eating all of her plateletts. Thank God , in December she had a PET scan and it did not show no cancer so she also had PCI. She is doing great right now , she wanted me to write to ask what people do for their appetite. She does drink prosure every day but gets nauseated with alot of food.She wants to know if any one ever gets their sense of taste back .Thanks for all your great support.

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I am just now getting back to eating since treatment. I have found that "Comfort Foods" are what I want the most of. Meatloaf, pork chops, turkey..............all the things my Mom made when I was a child. I have been eating a lot of soup and "soft" things also.

Good Luck.

God Bless,


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The weight gainner 2200 Dean mentioned is great, it says to mix three scoops with milk but that is a little too thick unless you make a milkshake out of it in the blender, I use one full scoop with a glass of Milk at diner, it tastes so much better than the ensure or prosure, kinda on the same taste as carnation instant breakfast.

You can get it at GNC or the GNC aisle at Rite Aid, it is a huge bottle, maybe you can get a sample from one of the stores. Find out when it goes on sale.

My husband lost so much weight before diagnosis and while in the hospital, but his weight is really coming up now, and we want to keep it that way.


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Oddly enough, Slim-Fast, the diet powder is very similar in nutrition to Ensure and comes in several flavors. When the chemo and radiation were burning my esophagus, swallowing anything was my big problem. I survived with a blender, slim-fast, protein powder and whole milk. Once the initial esophageal spasms ended, I could chug-a lug a pint of thick malted milk flavored soybean protein drink good for several hundred calories. My platlets also disappeared and I need a transfusion, but slowly I began to eat more soft food. Pressure cook chicken legs to get a really thick broth and noodles or mac and cheese. Two months after my last treatment , and PET scan negative, I have gained 9 pounds, but am still 40 pounds lighter than last year. Food tastes better, but remains hard to swallow.

I don’t save dubious leftovers for thrift, considering that one injection cost more than several months food, and eating is part of the treatment for SCLC. Try and pamper your Mother , I try and pamper myself because I have stopped saving for my old age.

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Try her with all the "bad" things, I mean things that were considered bad before cancer! My husband only suffered the "taste" problem for a few days after each chemo treatment. I spoiled him with milk shakes, jello and ice cream and in fact anything he fancied. I tried to add nutricious foods of course, but the main thing is to get "anything" down them! Of course the "Ensure" is a must and can be mixed with all sorts of stuff, for variety, I believe.

Best of luck with your Mom,


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