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Scan Time Again

Rower Michelle

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Hi All,

The summer just flew by! Now I’m in that three week window for the next scan on 10-24. I see the onc on 10-25, good not to have to wait for results. 

We’re heading to Maine next week for vacation so hopefully will be a nice distraction, upon return it’s the usual pre scan spa week. 

Its been almost one year on targeted therapy, praying the happy pills continue to keep the brakes  on the cancer  

It seems I’m pretty good at holding it together for eight weeks however the last three weeks is nerve wracking.  I will not let it wreck me-next vacation is already planned to Amelia Island in late January.  


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Don’t let it steal a minute of joy.  Enjoy Maine.  Positive thoughts.  

Take the ferry to Cumberland Island if you have a chance while in Amelia Island.  Even stay there for a night if you can.  It’s a beautiful place.  My wife and I got engaged there.  

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Your input is much appreciated and valued on this site--thank you!  

Enjoy the vacation and try not to stress about the upcoming scan; although, we all know it is easier said than done.  You take care now,

Susan Rae

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Hey, Michelle,

My first 6 month scan is on 10/25 - fortunately, no waiting for me as I get to learn the result the same day.

I'd be lying if I said I'm not getting nervous at all 😀 Inhale, exhale, ohmmmm 🙏🤞

I'll be thinking of you - you got this! 👊🤛 (I'm fist-bumping you, if the emojis are too small)


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Thank you all for the continued support! Tom Petty had to right-  but I won’t back down, stand my ground. 

MB we’ll be in this together on the 25th.  I think there’s something about these “anniversary” scans.  For me it’s one year on targeted therapy. 

I’m moving through the packing list this week which helps the time go by.  Lobsters and lighthouses for me next week! We’re celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary where we honeymooned in Maine. It will be a great trip! 

Today it’s the Living with Lung Cancer Support Group, we’ve got the FOX News 4 health and Wellness expert to come and talk with us.  Then I’m off to yoga  🧘‍♀️ 

I’m so glad to have you guys! Happy weekend!




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I hope all goes well with your scan and that it shows that your targeted therapy continues to work!!

Sending you positive vibes and support!!

Waiting is so hard-Sounds like your trip will allow for a wonderful distraction. Enjoy every second!!



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