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My wife Melissa has been diagnosed with small cell carcinoma. It is one large mass taking up a large part of her left lung and into the center of her chest. We haven’t gotten back the rest of the biopsy results yet so we don’t know what stage it is yet. We have our first visit with the oncologist on Thursday and we are wondering what questions we need to ask? Any help we can get with this is greatly appreciated. I do understand that the more knowledge we get the better decisions we can make for Melissa’s care. Thank you 


                                                                                 Dave T

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With small cell we are looking at limited or extensive stage disease and biomarker testing (additional biopsy material testing) is not necessary. I'm not sure from your description if cancer is contained in her left lung exclusively. As for questions and preparing for the consultation, here  are question recommendations (focus on newly diagnosed patients) and a checklist to help you prepare for Thursday's consultation.

You might also ask if you can record the consultation using a voice memo feature found on most cell phones these days. Most doctors are inclined to agree. A recording is helpful to ensure complete recollection of everything said.

Stay the course.



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