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Medical marijuana

Lin wilki

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Anyone have experience with medical marijuana?  I was told it can shrink tumors so it sure can’t hurt.  My doc did not discourage me. She had to sign the form. I was hoping for some pain relief but so far one gummy a day does nothing much!

Now I see there is conflicting info that cannabis could hinder immunotherapy response. Yikes!  I am only doing immunotherapy no chemo so now second guessing the whole thing

Thoughts anyone?

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I had a very good friend and high school alumni who was diagnosed with very treatable lung cancer. He got hooked by a “snake oil” salesman and very expensive but worthless “treatment”. Sadly, he passed, quickly. By the time he embraced science-based medicine, it was too late. 

I don’t know if marijuana is a lung cancer remedy. There have been no trials, no scientific research, and consequently no data. The import of science-based treatment is that results are repeatable. 

Immunotherapy is new. I wouldn’t do anything that might affect its treatment impact. It has dramatically moved the survival needle. Don’t introduce something that may compromise your best chance at survival. 

Stay the course. 


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