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Just got back from Pulmonologist.

Robert  A.

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1st Dr. appointment done. Went and saw the Pulmonologist today, he set up for a pulmonary function test tomorrow and the biopsy is set for Tuesday. My PCP set us up with an Oncologist on Monday which is strange without the biopsy but we are going anyway to fill out all the paperwork and meet with the Oncologist. We hope we can fill out any paperwork and information the center needs so once we get the results we can more forward.

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Hi Robert-

So now you are beginning the diagnostic process.  You’re correct in that there’s not much the oncologist can do at this point until the biopsy report comes back from pathology.  That usually takes about 48hours however can be up to 3-5 days. 
Ask the oncologist about biomarker testing.  Depending on the biopsy it’s critical to have comprehensive biomarker testing (which is also called a full panel, oncogene testing, or next generation sequencing-all different names for the same thing).  Some hospitals only do tests for a few biomarkers but with personalized treatment the comprehensive testing is the most important part of this process.  

The second question I would ask the oncologist is how do they communicate with their patients In between appointments, what is their preference?   You also want to know what to do in case of an emergency (and what constitutes an emergency)  

If at any time there is something that the doctor is attempting to explain that you don’t understand it’s perfectly okay to ask them to stop and slow down to explain in plain English.  You might also ask if you can record the visit if you want.  

Keep us posted when you can.  I hope it goes well. 




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Hi Robert 

Yep- those are also referred to as “the pearls”.  I think at any point we’ve all taken them with mixed results. Sometimes the meds help and sometimes they don’t.  Not to worry if they don’t as there are other strategies to help control the cough to keep your wife comfortable. 

This is the point of a mind shift if you will whereby over communicating with the doctor is the best course.  It’s not a complaint to report a symptom, any area of discomfort or if something doesn’t feel right.  Doctors want to be informed. Sometimes I feel like a hypochondriac, however the doc really wants to know everything.  It took me a while to make this transition because I never needed anything other than an annual physical before this diagnosis.  

Lots of decaf herbal tea, steamy showers & a humidifier  will help too. 


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