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Tingling in hands and arms


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I am almost one year from my lobectomy .  I am due for my 2nd scan and I am super nervous . About 3 weeks ago I started having tingling down my arms and in my fingers. I've had neck issues in the past but now I think my cancer is in my spine.  I know I need to call my Dr. but I'm so scared to find out. Has anyone experienced these symptoms after surgery?


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Welcome here.

Tingling in my arms and fingers, have I experienced it? After surgery and after chemo, yes. In fact, it is a chronic symptom of mine from too many Taxol and Carboplatin infusions.

Your symptoms might stem from cancer invading your spine but given your history with neck issues, that is the likely cause. Do tell your doctor about the numbness.

Stay the course.


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Thank you Tom

I am a newbie and just started with the community. My lung cancer did not require chemotherapy because it did not spread to my lymph nodes so the numbness and tingling really concerns me.  I will take your advise and stay on course .


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My husband has the numbness and tingling in his left arm as well. He also has a bad rotator cuff tear in that arm. The orthopedic Dr said the rotator cuff injury has nothing to do with the tingling and numbness issues and is probably from the radiation or chemotherapy.

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I have to agree, I have tingling in both my hands and feet, commonly known as neuropathy, one of the side effects of chemotherapy and of certain other prescription drugs. I take topiramate (topamax) for migraines that also causes the same side effect. Right now it's not too bad, but my doc said it will probably progress, I hope not.

But be sure to let the Oncologist know about this, I'm seeing my neurologist soon. My PCP thinks Gabapentin will help, but I have epilepsy and need his clearance to add this drug to my regime, maybe after the scan if all is well some meds can help with the tingling

I wish you well 😃


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Glad to hear that your lobectomy went well.  I too had a lobectomy (right-lower lobe) and while I don't have tingling in my arms I continue to have a tingling/burning feeling in my ribcage and around my back (where the chest tube was).  Over time these symptoms have "evolved", first it was just numbness, then some pain, then all pain and now a mix of tingling and pain and if I touch the area the tingling can then be felt in my side and shoulder. 

As Tom said, please check with your doctor and don't catastrophize without data.  I hope it all turns out to be benign.


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