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High Sugar Results

Guest cheri

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I have a question that I hope some of you may be able to share from your knowledge and experience.

We began the ABX-EGF clinical trial at UAB two weeks ago. Prior to his first chemo treatment, we had all of the standard tests done...CT, bone, bloodwork, etc. His glucose came back at 690! YIKES. We went back the following week to get his first chemo treatment and his sugar was 610! (No hx of diabetes in family, normal sugars up until this point). They gave him a shot of insulin before his chemo began and then gave him an Rx for glucophage.

Is this normal after radiation/steroids? Could it be something further? Supplement use? (MGN, CoQ10, vita A, C, E, maitake drops)

We went back to UAB last week as a follow up to his chemo and it was 210...much better, but I am still worried and a little confused as to why this would pop up out of nowhere btw/radiation and chemo treatments.

We have closely monitored his diet and he has very limited, if any, sugar intake.

We go back again on Wednesday to check his bloodwork. Oh, I forgot to mention that he is also taking Zometa once a month, too.



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My mother was diagnosed last year with late-onset diabetes. One thing to remember is that "sugar" is NOT the only sugar the body takes in. Carbohydrates convert to sugar in the body, as do "natural" sugars such as those in fruit. Mom has to do conversions and is on a strict diet - for example, a "serving" of grapes is 10 medium grapes.

I'm not sure where chemo would play into the scenario, but it COULD be diabetes, even if there is no family history....in which case, 610 is VERY, VERY bad and needs to be dealt with....

Good luck in finding the culprit,


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My mom's sugar goes out of control with the steroids. She does have Type II diabetes, but was never on insulin. With the steriods given with the chemo, her sugar jumps to high 300's and she started insulin -- the oncologist told her it was very common.

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