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Need advice on dad's condition - worsened


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Well, my dad's restricted breathing is because his cancer is growing back at a pretty rapid pace -- even while on Taxol treatments. He did so well with first chemo treatments -- we just thought all cycles would work also -- at least for awhile. Dad starts radiation tomorrow for three weeks to try to reduce growth in chest area. I haven't talked to onc yet, just heard news from my mom. Does anyone have experience with another chemo that they haven't tried on my dad yet? He still wants to fight this cancer, but I think he feels he is running out of choices. Up until this past month or so, he was feeling fine. Any info would be appreciated as I feel he is slipping away and it would seem there's something else we can try!

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My dad's private oncologist suggested my dad tries Topotecan later as 2nd line chemo as he had brain mets previously and Topotecan is likely to reach the brain as well. But the side effects of Topotecan may be quite many and not easy to deal with and your oncologist may also consider this point for your dad. They will think whether your dad could handle the side effects and they consider the quality of life.

Hope your dad would be okay with the breathing soon. Hope chest radiation could do this well.

sending my best regards to you and your dad

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Thanks so much for the prayers and great advice! I was having a really tough day yesterday and your posts helped me through! I will definitely check into the Topotecan for my dad. Will ask onc about this on next visit in 3 weeks when radiaton is complete. Hugs and love to you all!

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Guest hhamadyk


I am so sorry to hear about your father, but its important that you and he stay strong. I know its been a big encouragement to my mother to see us (me, my brother and sister) stay strong for her. When my mother was first diagnosed the doctors put her on Cisplatin (and some other drug- can't remember the name). She had a lot of success with is, as it shrunk the tumors in her lungs and liver. However, it was putting a lot of stress on her kidneys, so the doctor opted for alternate treatment. Since December, she has been on Camptosar (and another drug--again, can't remember the name) and she has had some continued success and she feels much better--less side effects. It has kept the tumors in her lungs under control, which is a positive thing. Her latest round of tests have shown some growth back on her liver and we are awaiting MRI results today to determine whether it is scar tissue or cancerous.

In a nutshell, its never too late to keep fighting. Exhaust every option that you and your father's onc have because you never know what can happen. We still haven't given up and mother is still going strong after almost a year after being diagnosed with extensive stage SCLC.

Praying for the strength of you and your father.

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