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Appropriate question?


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Going with my mom this afternoon to meet with the NP to go over the Chemo they want to start for progression in her lung tumor. As I posted previously, I’m really concerned about the possible side effects and her quality of life. I want to know if the chemo can extend her life significantly enough to make the risk worth it. Is that an appropriate question to ask during the chemo counseling? Or is it a question that should be posed to the Oncologist? It sounds like an incredibly cold question and I don’t mean it to be. But, my mom is 90, she’s lived her life on her own terms, still lives independently and is doing relatively well. I hate the thought that the reward for the risk could be an extra month or two that could be time spent feeling awful or worse in and out of the hospital. The quality of her life is the most important thing to my mom.

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Of course your life extension vice side effects concern is an appropriate question. Moreover, since extended life is the objective of treatment, the cost (money and hardship) and quality of the extension is the most important and essential question. I'd ask both the NP and medical oncologist. That said, there is no universal answer. Certainly age is an important factor but in-treatment side effects are very variable. 

Stay the course.



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