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headache after craniotomy


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my dad experienced headache at forehead this week and he feels the head is heavy that his neck is uncomfortable to support the weight. Did anyone who had craniotomy had that same experience after craniotomy? My dad had this done on 1/9.

Yesterday we came to neurosurgeon and she said my dad feels uncomfortable about this bcoz of his psychological feeling rather than the real physically illness. But my dad doesn't agree in fact. I asked her which symptoms we should pay attention to in future and go to see them immediately, she answered if my dad has headache at whole head. Previously our private oncologist said the location of headache does not seems another brain mets, he regarded this as side effect of sleepless.

I really don't know what is the reason behind. Actually, my dad didn't sleep well everyday. I am just afraid. The next brain MRI will be done in mid of April.

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Just wanted to let you know I am praying for your Dad. I also read about reasearch going on in Japan using a multimodal approach, which included Chemo, surgery, and an autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplantation on SCLC with very positive results. Maybe your onc knows more. Their is also such a thing called Angel Flights that will fly your Dad for free anywhere in the world for teatment. The U.S. is really starting to make breakthroughs in lung cancer treatments. I know of an asian community through my sister's church, which would gladly provide you a place to stay and food, along with plenty of chineese intepreters to help out. Let me know if you ever need this. Baylor Medical Center in Dallas, Texas is one of the top in the world for cancer treatment.


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Thank you for your kindness and idea. But my dad is not that kind of person who wish to stay in other countries especially during this moment. But I really appreciate your offer and idea that sounds wonderful. Although I didn't mention to him but I will :wink:

Thanks God for me to meet you guys, the REAL fighter and I see the beauty of God's creation. I am so glad I could know and meet all of you in my life.

Thank you :)

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