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I saw the news today, oh boy....

Rower Michelle

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Did any of you all see the press release yesterday from Joe Biden’s 31 year old press secretary TJ Ducklo???Metastatic lung cancer! 

I don’t waste time trying to figure out how I had a spontaneous gene mutation that caused my cancer but I really do wonder what the heck is going on when young people are diagnosed.  

So far this gent has received widespread support, I haven’t seen any of those awful questions we sometimes face in the on line postings.   We are making progress... so even though it’s tough we need to keep educating and advocating....  like Dory says...just keep swimming.....

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I hear what you are saying. The BCI is defunct.  I read after Joe Biden announced his candidacy for President, he had to leave BCI to avoid any potential conflict of interest.  The organization was reportedly not sustainable without Joe and Jill Biden.  Such a shame could have been a great mission. 

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