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When I was diagnosed with Stage 4 NSCLC in January, 2019 I had 15 rounds of radiation on my hip, lymph nodes, rib and sacrum and don't recall adjusting my chemo schedule. I have been on maintenance chemo of Keytruda and Alimta since April and have scans every 3 months.  My last scan showed a small increase in the lung tumor so I am doing SBRT (stereotactic body radiation therapy) on the tumor. I had chemo yesterday morning and the first of my 3 radiation treatments yesterday afternoon. I will have the final two treatments on Monday and Thursday next week. My oncologist's only concern was the side effects I might have by doing them on the same day.  So far I am having my usual chemo side effects, but it has only been two days. Right now I have one somewhat lethargic week after chemo then two great weeks when I live my normal life. I'm a planner and have things planned way into the future during my "good weeks" so I didn't want to postpone my chemo a week and possibly miss future scheduled events. I don't know if this helps you at all, but wanted to tell my radiation experience.

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Welcome here!

I wouldn't have a clue why your doctors postponed you chemo. Normally radiation and chemo are quite often given together. Perhaps it is a medical protocol in Ghana.

Stay the course.


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