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Low pdl1


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I was told 5 days a week for six weeks radiation, 3 days a week every 3 weeks chemo and after that 2x a month immuno. This is for Stage 3 lung cancer with a 2.7 centimeter tumor  and the lymph node in the middle of chest. First biopsy showed squamous and trace of sclc . Second biopsy just showed nsclc. The Dr. still wants to treat as if there was some small cell there. I found out from Radiologist that my pdl1 was low.  I haven’t had another dr. appointment since second biopsy. With low lpd1 will I still be able to do the immunotherapy?I know that was a lot of info for one question. I thought I would fill y’all in.😁



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Hi Lisa,

Chemo/radiation/Immunotherapy is the current standard of care for Stage III, the low PDL isn’t an issue as the above combo is thought to have a synergistic effect.  My PDL-1 was zero and the first line of treatment for me was Carboplatin/Alimta/Keytruda.   The big discovery in your biopsy is the NSCLC.  There are many different sub types that can only be determined through a comprehensive biomarker test.  Do you know if your biopsy has been sent for this testing?  That’s critical to know in order to assess if you might better respond to targeted therapy.  Keep us posted.  

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