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Lin wilki

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My second chemo infusion—. Did not take all the anti nausea pills since PA suggested try a few less and see how it goes. So infusion on Tuesday and nausea hit Thursday nite. I barely got out of bed yesterday. Still feel crappy today  in general how many days would this fluish feeling last?

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Scans coming up Monday to see if chemo stopping progression. Then Tuesday is treatment.  I will be taking ALL my anti nausea pills this time!

Thanks for checking in.   Hope you are doing well

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Hi Lin,

Wishing you positive scans on Monday and yes, do take ALL those anti nausea pills. I remember my first chemo oh so well. Felt like a champ day one and day two (This is duck soup) and on day three, four and five, puked my guts out and was TKO. By the time I figured out to take my anti nausea pills, it didn't help at all. My nurses didn't tell me I was getting IV Decadron pre chemo to inhibit the nausea for a couple of days....information that would have been entirely helpful to know BEFORE I was sent home that first time. Needless to say, all further chemo's were extremely uneventful once I KNEW to take my pills like clockwork.

Stay positive, stay strong......Take Care, DFK

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