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Mets to the brain

Mary Ellen

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My husband was dx in Nov 2016 with Stage 3 NSCL, he did Chemo and then had a lobectomy in April of 2017.  He was doing really well but started showing some weird symptoms that we didn't associate with brain cancer.  Finally at the end of Aug he was dx with mets to the brain that was removed surgically and then did radiation treatment at the end of Sept.  At the beginning of Dec we started noticing symptoms again and the tumor is back and it is already almost as large as the first tumor.  He has completed his 4th radiation treatment and we are hoping it stops the tumor from growing but won't know for a while.  They are just looking to make him comfortable and to provide quality of life as long as possible.  Has any one been through this and able to share some of their experiences,  I would really like to know what to expect.  Thanks so much

Mary Ellen

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