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The Portrait


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The Portrait

And GOD said, “Let there be” and there was, the backdrop for the studio we call life.

It all begins with "it’s a boy" or "it’s a girl" as we are handed the fresh, clean & unmarked canvas of a new life.

The environment in which we start our journey to creating the perspective or view of what we see, feel, & trust is so important if we are to understand what God sees in me & for me.

The range of emotions that are introduced into our lives in each season of life are the colors from which I choose the primary influences in the mood & view of the painting.

This picture was never designed to be painted alone.

My heavenly father had something very special & specific in mind me when he pre-selected just the right canvas for the plans he had for my life.

My father daily mixes just enough Love, Joy, Hope, & Grace to give the portrait balance & beauty.

My challenge is to allow the dark emotions of fear, doubt, & pain to only highlight the greatness of his provision, promises and Love in my life.

Many different things influence the texture, color, & things seen in the picture.

Our grandparents, parents, mates, children, friends, relationships, education, jobs, hobbies, & abilities, influences the way we portray what we see, how we feel, and what we believe.

In spite of how many colors, texture and things that are introduced in our life by choices or change.

I decide what is reflected in my portrait of Life.

I have no control over the time given to complete it.

You see everyone is a portrait in progress until the day he takes our brush and places us in a row of canvases waiting to be to be viewed and judged by the master.

When the image on the canvas of Life reflects his love, grace and mercy toward me only then will I hear "well done"!

By Paul Christian

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very nice.

The purpose for each of us is our own responsibility to discover......

A great book for both Christians and non Christians alike is "the Purpose Driven Life" (which Don Wood has suggested in previous posts)

While it is written from a Christian persepctive, it really manages to get someone to think on a daily basis about what this realm is all about, the decisions we make and why, God's plan for us, and our immense connection with others in light of influencing good & evil....

you read just one chapter a day (6-8 pages) and then reflect/ meditate on the content of that chapter..

I recommend it... Joe

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This IS a wonderful book! It is currently being used as a study guide in around 2900 churches. There is much to think about after reading a chapter a day. It also comes in audio book form. Our church has began using this book and the video this past week. We had a satellite appearance from Rick Warren, which was the first night of the Forty Days event. Strangely it starts just as the Passion movie is beginning. It really makes you realize, it isn't all about us after all.

I highly recommend this for all. It is priced around $10.00 at Sam's Club. Walmart also has it priced within the same range.

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