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Body twitches


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 My husband is on Tagrisso for 5 months now, doing much better with less side effects. Recently he started getting twitches on his right cheek 2-3 times a day for about 5-10secs and rarely on his right thigh and eyebrows (like 1-2 times a week). 
Doctor got his blood works done and said he’s little low on magnesium and might have to start supplements. Checking of any one else has experienced the same.


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I have a chronic magnesium deficiency and take 1,000 mg daily (500 am & pm). I experience all kinds of muscle problems including cramps, twitching, and unsteady motion. My medical oncologist ordered my magnesium supplement and it works most of the time. He says it is a side effect of those who have a lot of chemo and indeed, I had a lot. 

I’d check with his doctor and start with a small dose and build up to a level that mostly eliminates the symptoms. But be careful, magnesium causes lower GI disturbance and he’ll know almost immediately if he’s taking too much. 

OBTW—magnesium is a commonly sold non prescription supplement but often the smallest dose is a 500 mg pill. Get a pill cutter and cut it in thirds and start dosing at that level.

Hope this helps. 

Stay the course. 


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Thanks Tom. His doc has recommended 400mg MAG-OX twice a day. Also thanks for letting me know the side effects of the supplements too. It helps!

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