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Introducing Grahame Jelley- NACLC Adenocarcinoma Stage 3B

Grahame Jelley

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Zimbabwean born, New Zealand resident european male Family Physcician recentlybdiagnosed NSCLC Satge 3B . Just completed radicalnradiotherapy and chemotherapy with Cisplatin and Etoposide. Await start Durvulamab

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Welcome  Grahame.   I am a retired RN ( nurse ) .  I was diagnosed with Stage 3B non small cell lung cancer December 1997.

I had daily radiation and Cisplatin and Etoposide.  It shrunk and I had my right upper lobe removed in 1998 . My tumor in the apex 

was named after the doctor that developed the treatment----------Dr. Pancoast .  So my Pancoast tumors plan of

care was to have more Cisplatin and Etoposide  after surgery.   

I am still here ..!!!!   I hope and pray you respond well to your treatment.  Keep us posted.


Donna G


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Welcome Grahame,

I'm also a Stage 3B non small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), Squamous cell survivor, diagnosed in February 2004. I also had first line chemo and radiation therapy followed by surgery removing my right lung. Then had 4 recurrences in my left lung that was treated with additional chemotherapy and finally stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) in the form of a CyberKnife. That was in March 2007 and I've been cancer free since.

We have a wonderful resource for patients who are on Durvalumab trials and treatment here. Reading through this extensive commentary will give you insight into the treatment, side effects and results experienced.  

As said by Donna, we do hope you have a successful treatment and I'm also still here! This a good place to ask questions of those who have had or are having the same form of immunotherapy as you are undertaking. 

Stay the course.


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Hello, I'm new to the group.  This past week I found out that my father has the same diagnosis, also 3b. It's been very difficult not knowing how to comfort him for myself with all of the negative information on the internet. Just wanted to say that I'm really grateful for all of your posts. Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated.

On 1/15/2020 at 3:41 PM, Donna G said:




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Hello @CoachGessica    I’m sorry to hear about your fathers diagnosis.   My father was diagnosed at Stage 4 seven years ago.  Unfortunately the treatments available today were not available to him.   I was diagnosed at Stage 1 last year.  I’ve found that treatment options and prognosis are VERY different than they were even just seven years ago.  There is a ton of negative information on the internet.  Here’s what you should know.  1) much of it is dated.  2) Five year survival rates are rates for people diagnosed five years ago.  Many of today’s treatments weren’t available five years ago.  3) More cancer treatments have become available in the last three years than in the last fifty.   4) There is hope and affective treatment options.   

Being supportive of your father will depend on him and what he needs.   It’s different for everyone.  One week into diagnosis is still incredibly traumatic for all.  The uncertainty and waiting is usually the hardest part.  As a treatment plan gets put in place things will level out.

There are plenty of people here going through the same things as your dad and others going through the same as you.  We are here to help.  Hang in there.   

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Thank you so much for your reply Curt. I'm incredibly grateful for the advice and you're 100% right with what you said. 

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis but definitely grateful that they were able to find it at such an early stage. How is your treatment going?


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Curt is right on with his information and soon you too will warn people that Dr. Google is not a good place to go for medical advice.  Things are changing all the time and no more than they have in the past few years.


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