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Scan Time (again)

Rower Michelle

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Hi All, 

Somehow the last three months just flew by doing blissfully normal things.  I'm up for the semi-annual brain MRI and CT Scan next Wednesday afternoon results scheduled for Thursday morning.  I've got the usual activities planned to help pass the time.  Overall I'm feeling pretty good heading into this scan, which is 15 months on targeted therapy.  For some reason the scanxiety hasn't hit yet (am I getting "used to" this????).    I just started the LiveStrong Program at the YMCA so I'll probably be too sore and wiped out to have the worry monkeys take over.  

Irrespective of the results we are heading to Amelia Island the last week of January for our normal winter trip which I am really looking forward to.   In the meantime, I've placed a call to the clinic this morning to obtain the Valium for the MRI so I am locked and loaded for this go round.  Any prayers, thoughts, ju ju or good karma is appreciated as I head into this next round.   I'll keep you all posted. 


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Why did the chicken cross the road?  No one knows, but the road sure was pissed.   

I figured a joke would go further than any of the advice I could give.  You’ve probably received or given it all at this point.  Prayers, positive thoughts, good ju ju amd karma all heading your way.   

My wife and I got engaged on Amelia Island on the beach.   Cumberland Island is a great day trip.  Wild horses can be found on the beaches there.  We haven’t been back since but we talk about doing it at some point.   

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Good one Curt......I'm sure Michelle appreciated the giggle as much as I did.

“Any prayers, thoughts, ju ju or good karma is appreciated as I head into this next round.”

I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and will intent NED, NED and more NED.  In the meantime, your task is too look into his eyes and repeat after me, "You may be handsome, but I am NED". And as the Pharoah said, " So let it be written, so let it be done. 


P.S. I tried to make this image smaller and couldn't figure it out, but on the other hand, not too shabby a pic to look at......Take Care, stay positive, DFK

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Love it guys!  I heard the song “Shallow” on the radio a few days ago with no idea it was Bradley and Lady G.  Last year I was literally “under a rock” when a “Star is Born” was released and Oscar nominated.  This year I’ve seen most of the nominated films. What a difference a year makes!  

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You are going to rock those tests.  I'll be sending my prayers along as well and perhaps you can download the "A Star is Born" soundtrack...add that to valium and some time to kill in the MRI and you might just have a nice time.  Of course, we all look forward to hearing good news afterward.

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