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Chemo questions


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I have Stage 1B lung cancer, and following a successful lower right lobectomy, am starting treatment in a few weeks. I am hoping to hear from those who have had similar chemo. I will have a course of 4 treatments of cisplantin and pemetrexid every 3 weeks.  I would like to hear about how the treatments went for any of you.

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Hello Schoolie2,

I had stage 2b lung cancer, with no spreading, and a bilobectomy of right lower and middle lobes. The surgeon told me all the cancer was removed and suggested adjunct therapy, just in case. My treatment was to be four rounds of Cisplatin and Gemcitabine, but I only made it through two. I started to have tinnitus and hearing loss during the first treatment due to the Cisplatin. The dose was lowered for the next round, but the tinnitus worsened, so I stopped. The treatment only gave me 5% extra chance of the cancer not recurring and now 2.5% chance, so I wish I had opted out.

I recently had a hearing test and have moderate to severe loss with high pitched sounds, but general conversation is normal. I'm sure if I had finished the treatments, it would have become much worse. The Cisplatin is a very strong chemo and I think I had almost every side effect, but the lasting ones were tinnitus and hearing loss. You will also need to drink plenty of fluids due to the possibility of kidney damage. It looks like you caught the cancer early. If you decide to proceed, I would get a baseline hearing test and ask about your risk of recurrence with and without treatment, if you haven't already done so. Not everyone gets tinnitus or hearing loss, but you may want to research it. I wish I had before agreeing to do it. 

Best of luck,


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