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I cannot sleep, have not slept since yesterday. Exhausted


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Any suggestions - I feel fine, checked blood pressure and it is good, no fever, nothing.  Breathing is labored when lying down and cannot get in a good position to sleep.


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We've all been there, craving a good night’s sleep. Couple of things to try- a foam wedge pillow. It’s just enough elevation to raise your head and open the airways a bit.  We found several good options on Amazon.  Second you might consider a little Melatonin.  Be sure to let your doc know too, no symptom is too small to be addressed.  They might be able to prescribe something short term.  

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I’m happy to say that I sleep really well these days, sixteen months after my diagnosis. The early days it was impossible to sleep due to broncospasams, pneumonia and plueral effusion.  I got my fist good nights sleep after my targeted therapy (pills) stopped the cough. 

Another trick is the Andrew Weil MD 4-7-8 breathing exercise when laying down. It’s on YouTube. It triggers a parasympathetic response to trigger sleep. 

I don’t think anyone sleeps well in the beginning of all of this. I’m seeing my oncologist for scan results in a few hours too, I slept like a rock last night.  Good luck with the appointment.  Let us know how it goes.  

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