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Google not all bad...just need to be smart


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I only found this site a  couple days ago and am very glad I did. I just keep reading post after post and it calms me down a bit.

Feeling much more relaxed now that there is a solid plan in place, got some Adryal and sipping a beer (no lectures) and feel confident I will get a good night's sleep. Not even going to think about preparing for surgery until tomorrow. But to my main point.

I agree with 99% of what the strong and supportive posters say (you know who you are) but I think Google can be a very powerful tool. I spent the first 2 weeks using it before looking for a support group. I will brag a bit and say that I am very good at using it. As an Engineer it is a very valuable tool for work so I am proficient. Two quick examples regarding using it for medical questions that I have experienced first hand.

Around 2006 I started getting debilitating head aches that lasted between 45 minutes to over 3 hours and then just suddenly went away. My first thought was a brain tumor. My doctors first thought was sinus infection. Long story short, I was able to come up with the correct diagnosis which was cluster headaches. If not for that I cringe to think how long it would have taken to get the right treatment. I would not wish these headaches on my worst enemy. If you want a taste check out ClusterHeadaches.com....a board similar to this. I thank God that I am not in a headache cycle right now.

The second example is my oldest son who started exhibiting strange rashes. With the assistance of a wise older Dr and researching on Google I was able to nail down what the diagnosis was based on his blood tests and was able to prepare myself for that struggle well a head if time. In his case it was Idiopathic Aplastic Anemia...Dr speak for a complete shutdown of his bone marrow for unknown reasons. This disease is so rare I could not find a support group other than the wonderful staff at OHSU. By the grace of God my son was one of the lucky ones and responded perfectly to the standard protocol and has been cured for over 10 years. It was searches using Google which allowed me to advocate for his treatment but more importantly got me ahead of the curve.

Bottom line...Google is a powerful tool, just make sure to know the dates of the publications you read, take the time to learn the lingo and value the history and evolution of the treatment.

Sorry for the long post. Blame the Beer...not the Adryal.



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Yes, Tom guilty as charged!  I’m writing this at the crack of dawn hoping you managed to get a solid nights sleep last evening. 
I see from your post that you’ve already been acquainted with some of “the family”, Curt, Lou, Bridget, and the other engineer Tom.  The rest of us are good for banter!  Will all be here to help get you through this like the Beatles said, with a little help from my friends.  
I hope your wife’s recovery is smooth, as we say in my native State of NJ, that bites.  
You’re going to give the medical team a real run for the money. So lock and load.  Carry on...

Glad you’re here. 

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Slept pretty well last night but still took me longer than I thought to fall asleep.

Today all about insurance, FMLA, paper work and setting the house up for not one...but two...invalids. Big house with lots of stairs and all the TVs are up stairs so I will be well motivated to start moving around fast.

But my poor wife.....


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Those are big logistics to arrange. Good way to keep busy and organized!  FMLA and Short Term Disability can be a challenge.  The disability “care managers” are hired guns to pressure “claimants” into aggressive return to work plans.  As you are Googling around you might want to find one of those oily shark mean disability attorneys to have in your back pocket.  My Integrative Oncologist provided that sage wisdom early on and I’m glad he did because I sure did need them.  Worth every penny.  

Let us know if you’ve got any insurance questions, we’ve all literally been there done that. 

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What is very interesting is that Washington State just introduced a paid form of FMLA. Started collecting the taxes last year and 2020 is first year you can get benefits. The benefits are (in this fiscal conservatives view) are insanely high. And the tax on wages is very small. There is no way this combination will survive.  But.....I'll take what I can get, and this is the top priority.

Problem is I have to fight for computer time with my wife because she too has to do all the paper work.

House set up starts tomorrow. One more peice of paper to fill out, scan and send then take a happy pill. Glass of wine instead of a beer tonight I think.

Wishing everyone well. Consumed with reading posts farther and farther back. Probably smarter to read them in chronological order...


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