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Post progression survival for small cell lung cancer


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There is little on this topic on internet, other than average PFS being 5 months when Atezolizumab (tecentriq) is added, and then OS (median overall survival being 12 months (50% are alive). These stats beg for some detail where there isn't much, other than some treatments for secondary progression, but I haven't found one post from someone experiencing the post progression survival experience.



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Statistics, SCLC and progression: these are difficult topics in the best of circumstances. Small cell is a tough nut. There are long tenured survivors, not many, but there are survivors. I recall several on this forum and if they note this, I hope they chime in to bolster my point. Immunotherapy was recently approved for extensive stage SCLC and I’ve read of phase 3 trials for more immunotherapy drugs that hopefully will improve PFS. But immunotherapy is new and PFS statistics are immature based on small sample sizes, likely just the phase 3 trial.  

Before immunotherapy, extensive stage SCLC had a standard of care chemotherapy regimen that was 20 years old. This often knocked down the tumors, but SC mutates quickly and dodges the chemical assault.  Survival prognosis was bleak. Immunotherapy has moved the survival needle and hopefully as more are successfully treated, the statistics will improve. 

Stay the course.



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My husband is SCLC extensive.  We have no idea of post progression survival and we don't want to know, honestly.   His cousins husband had almost the same diagnosis and made it 8 mos. which meant it was spreading during treatment to an extent.  He started at limited stage and did chemo and radiation, once progressed brain radiation and immunotherapy.

The same month he passed away, (March 2019) the standard for small cell changed adding in the immunotherapy.  This is what I requested to my husband's oncologist.  He agreed.  Tecentriq/carboplatin/etoposide.   Just finished 4 cycles and he got CT scans done this morning.  We'll definitely take more than 8 months!  I am hopeful for a year and possibly more once I see the results of his tests.  

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My wife just started chemo for LS-SCLC (see my post). I'm already looking ahead in case a 2nd line of treatment is needed which certainly typical. I will be looking for any information and real life results with immunotherapy.

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