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Less than 48 hours till my life changes


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Going thru the check list of what I need to do. Any advice on things I should or shouldn't take with me to the surgery?

Following Doctors orders to the letter (almost).  Should find out what time surgery is tomorrow. Right now all I know is its Tuesday and I'm third in line.

Still not too stressed but expect to be by this time tomorrow.

Thanks all




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Tom I felt much the same.  The anxiety set in on my way to the hospital and escalated.  They cave me the choice to walk to the operating room or be wheeled in.  I opted to walk.  It was a long, scary walk.  I was really afraid that my life would be completely different after surgery.  The surgery hasn’t  prevented me from doing anything I did before surgery.  It won’t be as bad as bad as you may be imagining.  Hang in there. You’ll do great.  

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Go through your wallet and remove everything but your DR license and medical ID cards. 
Wear loafer style shoes. Moccasins are ideal. Slip-on beats bend down and tie every time.

Wear clothes that are easy to get into. You’ll have sutures and movement to put on clothes should be minimum. I wore athletic pants and a zipper hoodie. 
Consider sitting in the back seat on the way home. Someone will need to buckle your seat belt and in most cars, the backseat belt is more accessible than the front. Choose your seat so the upper belt does not cross your shoulder near your incisions. 
Stay the course. 

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You'll be fine! You'll be surprised how fine you are in a couple of weeks, maybe in a couple of days. I had a surgery for a previous non-lung cancer that was a fairly long and extensive surgery. After that one I groggily came to in recovery, not making a whole lot of sense, and I don't think I made much sense for a several days since I was full of morphine. My wife expected me to be like that after the lung cancer surgery, and she was really surprised that I woke up chipper and making sense, or at least as much sense as I usually make. I was walking around the hospital ward the same day. A couple of days later I was walking around my neighborhood with my chest tube and drain bag covered by  a big raincoat. Like Curt, I can still do what I did before surgery. Dr Tse told me I probably wouldn't notice any difference unless I was planning to run a marathon and he was right. I wasn't running any marathons before surgery either. Walking a 5K is about my limit and i can still do that and I'm 74. 

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