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I think I'm a bit unique on this forum by the fact that My nodule was detected in 2004 a PET scan was run and I was observed for two years. No change so I was happily "cancer free". The only reason I am having a lobe removed tomorrow is because I requested they take a look at that old non cancerous nodule that turned out it is now a 4.9 cm beast.

Right now it looks like I still caught it soon enough but won't know till tomorrow. Also, talking to my pulmonary doc she said biopsy are not fool proof either way. False positives and false negatives are common. It is how she convinced me to skip right to cutting the vile thing out.

My point? If I could go back in time or if the same situation comes up with one of my loved ones I will strongly advocate having it removed immediately. And I'm not talking about small mm sized nodules. Mine was 1.2 cm.

Comments? Value all your opinions.



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I was given the option to wait and watch an 8 mm nodule or to take it out.  I have  a significant family history of lung cancer so the decision was easier for me.  I went into the surgery not knowing.  Best case is it was benign and they would only remove a small portion.  Worst case it was malignant and they remove the whole lobe.  I ended up being the latter.  Thankfully I’ve required no follow up treatment afterwards.  

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