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Well. As a number of you said, while not the most comfortable procedure in the world, a VAT is really not as bad as I had feared.  I have been fortunate to not have any complications yet, it is tolerable..at least for a relatively young guy like me (58 young...LOL). By far the worst of it all was the waiting and the fear of the diagnosis. 

Drain is out, lung capacity is good, no difficulty walking around and no discernable breathing issues. Only issue I got is my bladder not cooperating so had to have two catheter experiences. Reloading now. If I can empty my bladder I will get discharged today.

I stand by the strategy that if in doubt take the little sucker out. My next major decision will be adjunctive Chemo. From a stress standpoint that is a peice of cake.

Thanks to all for your support and all of the excellent experiences you guys and gals shared with me.

Still sore, right side feels real funny and from what many of you tell me, probably always will. But I am in a much better place than two weeks ago.




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Look out at the rain, run your hands under warm water and maybe you're bladder will get the idea. Maybe you're right side won't keep feeling funny. Mine doesn't. Sometimes my right lung sounds funny to me, but it feels normal.

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Bridget. That feeling on my right side was all be ausevof my bladder. Once I got the bag on it went away. I'll figure out what's up with the bladder in a day or two. Till then I'll just enjoy being (relatively) pain free.

Oh...thanks for the positive vibes yesterday 


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