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Lymph Node Mets

Guest marta1

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Guest marta1

Hi all,

I had a quick question about lymph node involvement....

If the cancer goes outside your lungs..like to your bones..does that neccessarily mean that it has gone to your lymph nodes? or can it go from your lungs to your bones without lymph involvement?

Also...If you have mets to your lymph nodes..does that make your cancer harder to treat or more likely to spread other places!?

Do all stage IV's have lymph node involvement?

Okay...thanks for all your help...

this cancer has me thinking!!!


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I don't think is necessarily has to go through the lymphatic system. It could be spread through the blood vessels.

I believe they use the lymph nodes to stage, since there is no way to find it in the blood currently.

Good question though. Never really thought about that one. I read that vascular invasion is not a good sign, but I never connected the two. DUH

Sorry you have to think about this too much.

Good bless,

References below


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Guest DaveG

I was restaged to Stage IV because of the extensiveness of the mets to my lymphatic system. The baseline scans I have had, up to this point have only confirmed what we alreay knew (their were no surprises). I still hvae a bone scan to go, this coming Friday, which will be the last of the baseline scans prior to the start of chemo on May 5.

I hope this all heps answer your question.

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