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PET scan versus Biopsy


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My father has been diagnosed with having a nodule 1cm by 1cm by 2.5cm withe suspicion that is has spread to the lymph nodes.  This is from the CT scan that was done.  They have now scheduled him in for a full body PET scan.  I thought the primary doctor referred us to a specialist for a biopsy but now they are doing a PET scan first.  Is this the normal approach?  Should we also be asking to schedule a biospy?  My father lives in canada and the system can be slow in getting appointments scheduled because of universal health care.  I am concerned we will wait for the PET scan and then have to wait for the Biopsy as well, instead of trying to get them both done as soon as possible.  Thanks!


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Not a doctor and you didnt give a whole lot of info but am willing to give advice..

Do the PET scan if for no other reason than to see what lymph nodes show and then skip the biopsy and go straight to resection. Will save time, procedure for biopsy is invasive, and more importantly it will give you 100% of the info you need on the tumor.

Normal procedure is to do the biopsy on full tumor while ready to do a lobectomy. If benign do a resection and save as much lung as possible. If cancer than remove the lobe.

If I had done that when my nodule was first found I would not be in the mess I am today.

Just my opinion. Wishing you the best. You have made a great first step by visiting this board. Based on what you posted your in a good place and all should be fine.



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