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New Breakthrough Discovery That Kills Cancer Cells!


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The American Cancer Society published a “Guide to Complementary and Alternative Cancer Methods (2000)” and reported that “[e]llagic acid has been found to cause apoptosis (cell death) in cancer cells in the laboratory. How it works is not yet well understood. Some also claim it prevents the binding of carcinogens to DNA, and strengthens connective tissue, which may keep cancer cells from spreading. Ellagic acid has also been said to reduce heart disease, birth defects, liver fibrosis, and to promote wound healing.”

Medical research by Dr. Daniel Nixon of the Hollings Cancer Institute at the Medical University of South Carolina, reports that ellagic acid “is known to inhibit certain carcinogen-induced cancers and may have other chemopreventative properties. The effects of ellagic acid on cell cycle events and apoptosis were studied in cervical carcinoma (CaSKi) cells. We found that ellagic acid at a concentration of 10(-5) M induced G arrest within 48 h, inhibited overall cell growth and induced apoptosis in CaSki cells after 72 h of treatment. Activation of the cdk inhibitory protein p21 by ellagic acid suggests a role for ellagic acid in cell cycle regulation of cancer cells.”

Find out more about Ellagic Acid at http://www.prostarnutrition.com/27299/4080.htm

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Oh GOOOOODIE! I can FINALLY do something healthy! LOL

Skip the yogurt, I prefer my raspberries plain...and warmed by the sun...and picked of bushes while watching for bears...(Alaska had the BIGGEST SWEETEST raspberries I have ever had!)

I can handle "fruit" therapy, it's the veggies that just yuck me out... :wink:

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Well *I* don't doubt at all. It seems Raydel (real name, Roger Rueda) is a distributer for Pro Star International, a Multi-level Marketing company (similar to Amway) that deals with "nutritional" products (many of which seem to be of the "weight loss" variety).

Now, I make no accusation as to the effectivness of the products Mr. Rueda is promoting. My question is this: Is this the proper use of this forum? I think, in this context, that brenes' question is very appropriate, so I will repeat it.

Mr. Rueda, are you a cancer patient? Or are you a caregiver, friend or relative of someone who has this disease?

Or do you simply see this board and the people on it as a "market" for your products?


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