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Pathology report is back and I don't understand a word of it. Waiting on an oncologist appointment to explain it all. 

Key information seems to be:

Metastatic carcinoma in 1 of 4 intrapulmonary vessel lymph nodes.
Stage pT3 N1.

Does anyone have any idea what that means?



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Hi.   I do:   The TNM staging is T=Tumor N=Nodes M=Metastasis.

pT3: tumor > 5 cm but ≤ 7 cm or directly invades parietal pleura (PL3), chest wall (including superior sulcus tumors), phrenic nerve or parietal pericardium or presence of a separate tumor nodule in the same lobe.

N1: metastasis in ipsilateral peribronchial, ipsilateral hilar or intrapulmonary lymph node, including involvement by direct extension.

There's no M which is good.  This equates to a Stage IIIB.  I am not a medical professional though.  Just another cancer survivor.  T3 is tumor size.   You had surgery?  Or this is from a biopsy?    It seems a little cancer was also found in your pulmonary lymph system-but only in 1 node of 4 tested,  3 were clear.   All of this really helps the oncologist develop your treatment plan.

I hope that helps a little.  

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