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I’m a stage IV patient with Mets to both lungs. I was about to get my carbo/alimta/Keytruda treatment when I complained of a new cough and shortness of breath. Sure enough, a CT angiogram showed a small blood clot in my left lung. They recommended shots given in belly but I wasn’t up for that and am taking Eloquis instead.

Has anyone out there had this experience? It sounds scary. I’d love to know which form of treatment you are using and if it’s helpful.

All best,

jane c-m


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Hi Jane,

I haven’t had that experience however one of our group members did. It’s not as scary as it sounds, easily managed with medication. Unfortunately this is very common in LC.  It’s great you reported the symptoms.   Keep calm and carry on.  

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I had abdominal surgery in 2010 and it took a long time for my body to get back to working normally.  In the meantime I showed signs of blood clotting so I took the shots of Lovenox in my belly for a while and though it wasn't the high point of my hospital stay I understood that it was a very effective tool against such clots.  Other than a temporary discomfort (when getting the shot) I didn't suffer any other side effects from it.  If I remember correctly they sometimes gave it to me in the thigh as well, but mostly in the stomach area.

Eloquis is also a very acceptable method to fight clots and is considered as effective as Lovenox.  So, let the meds work and stay well.


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