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Rower Michelle

Any tips for severe muscle fatigue??

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Hi All.  
This week my hubby started a part time job at UPS just for the health insurance.  Awful, not how we planned our “retirement”.  UPS offered the best insurance (Teamsters) unbelievably great coverage for the fewest hours. 

Now I need to get him over the hump of the early weeks of muscle fatigue.  Everything hurts everywhere.  I’m confident this is a short term problem as pre diagnosis he was an elite Masters  athlete.   He will bounce back since he’s got great endurance DNA, probably would have made the National Rowing Team after college. Now he’s 57, no spring chicken.  

This morning I made some chia pudding which he suspiciously slurped down, loaded the Advil, and sent him off to acupuncture.  I’ve got Epsom salts too.  What else can we do?  All and any recommendations are worth trying.    


PS Happy Valentines Day.  

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Gosh, I always say pain should be non negotiable.

Only thing that I would add is if medical insurance is a barrier at this point in time, do you have a friend who is a Registered Physical Therapist that can do a complete assessment of where the strain and fatigue is and set up a strengthening/recovery program? 

Couple things

1) P.T. assessment and personalized rehab program at home

2) Correct usage of Foam Roller

3) Correct usage of Illiotibial Band

4) Myofascial Release by a qualified Therapist

5) Rest with heat/ cold treatments

6) Hydration to minimize lactic acidosis buildup

7) Rx strength Motrin 800mg to get that inflammatory response down

My husband at 66 stands at 6’6” is an old athlete who still thinks he can carry refrigerators, work a chain saw all day, haul trees, do road work and wonder why he's half crippled at the end of the day. Fortunately, I have a good network of Physical Therapist friends that are familiar with him and have done a good job of truly treating his injury's. My husband seeks comfort measures but I insist on maintaining muscle integrity. Last thing I need is a herniated disk or a muscle sprain because at 66, recovery takes longer.

Good luck Michelle.......DFK





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RICE it.  Rest, Ice (I use to take ice baths in college), Compression and Elevation to recover once you are sore   

Stretching before he goes to work and after (after being the last thing he’ll want to do) will eventually prevent him from getting sore   

Staying hydrated during the day while working.  

Eating high quality Proteins throughout the day   

Lots of love, attention and appreciation.      


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Thank you guys- awesome.  We are on the right track.  In some way we were prepared for this. when I started Alectinib, the muscle pains were really terrible. The stairs may as well have been MT Everest.  I did everything I could conceivably think of because I didn’t want to have another dose reduction or come off the meds altogether    

DFK-  I really tried to plan ahead and sent him to PT for six weeks.  So I guess it could have been worse. I’ve got the high quality bands, myofacial release roller, the message therapist and a rehab trainer.

Curt- I’ve taught him some Qi Gong moves that can be done surreptitiously (he’s a tall guy like DFKs husband- whose gonna mess with him if it looks silly??). He LOVES your suggestions, hahaha- he will be treated like a king.  He got quite the chuckle out of it.  

Tom- hubby isn’t much of a bath guy but I did get him into epson salts- only complaint was it smelled too “girly”.  

We have great insurance now through my former employer but after month 19 of COBRA the premium will increase 150%, the “affordable plans” on the Exchange were not much better.  Hopefully we’ll be able to drop COBRA. 

I’m pretty optimistic this will work out- where else can you get a comprehensive benefit package, work 17 hours a week and show up in ratty old clothes?  
Love you all! 


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Girl, you truly got this covered. Now be a good wife and run those Epson salt baths, apply some gentle massage, a few candles for ambience and ESPN in the background.....Gosh, who wouldn’t heal from that!

Take Care, DFK🥰

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