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Hi there,

My husband has had a cough for over a year that I kept nagging him about because after 31 years of marriage I knew it wasn't a normal cough for him.  Finally got him to go to our internist last week and ask for a chest xray ..our doctor agreed though he didn't think anything was wrong because my husband has been very healthy though he was smoker for 30 years and quit 20 years ago.  The next day the doc called and said they saw a large mass in his upper right lobe of his lung.  They got him a CT Scan on Friday Feb 14th and confirmed a 6.9 x 5 cm mass.  Scheduled us with the Pulmonary doctor yesterday who scheduled us for the biopsy on Friday.  Now the waiting is torture!  Of course we are staying hopeful and the Pulm. doc said he won't commit to the word cancer until after the biopsy---but we know the chances are most likely that is cancer.  The doctor said after the biopsy he will know what type of Lung cancer if that's what it is.  He also scheduled a PET scan for tomorrow but the machine broke so they called us and  rescheduled us for Monday Feb 24...so now just a little more waiting!  

I do think the waiting is causing more stress right now than anything...we just want a game plan! :)  Looks like I will find lots of good information and support on this page.

thank you for listening

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Welcome here.

Waiting is indeed the worst. Years ago I wrote my suggestions for dealing with lung cancer. This may help.

The size and location of the mass does suggest lung cancer. The PET will stage his cancer and next up will be a biopsy to determine the type of lung cancer. Both stage and type must be known to establish a treatment plan. I had a very large mass that was contained within the main stem bronchus of my right lung and was diagnosed with non small cell squamous cell lung cancer in February 2004.  I mention my diagnosis date because if I can live, so can your husband.

Testing and waiting will likely occupy your next six weeks and we completely understand how disagreeable the waiting and accompanying uncertainty is to endure. But, this is a good place for your questions; we are not physicians but have long and deep experience with lung cancer and its many treatments.

Stay the course.



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Glad you found our group.  I realize this is a tough time for you.  All of us have gone through this and it can be traumatic and even days of waiting can seem like years.  But, try and stay focused...there are posts here in the introductions (I have to find out how Tom does all his links) from many of us as we went through all that you are going through.  Peruse them when you can, you'll find more comfort there than you might expect.

We wish you the best and look forward to your next update.


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