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My father diagnosed positive for NSCLCA

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To all the brave people who are fighting against cancer,


My father has been diagnosed positive for Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLCA) with no lymphnodes and no mets. Though he is 73 years old and used to smoke for quite a long time now, he is physically strong and enjoying good health.


I've attached herewith his test reports, any guideline/advise on the following shall be highly appreciated.

1- How serious it is i.e. Stage of Cancer?

2- Is it curable, if yes what's the survival rate?

3- What may be the optimal treatment method, based on your experience (if similar conditions found?)


crvReport.pdf crvReport(1).pdf

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Welcome here. The biopsy report suggests a single nodule (< 2cm) that is identified as non small cell, squamous cell, lung cancer. Here is information on squamous cell lung cancer.

How serious is it? If it is a single nodule (confirmed by both a CT and PET scan), then it may be surgically removed. Has your dad had a PET scan? If he has and we are dealing with a single nodule, he could stage at 1A. If so, and if he is in otherwise good health, then a surgical removal of the nodule might be the best approach. (I'm not a doctor, so don't rely on my answers as medical advice.)

Is it curable? We don't use the word cure in the lung cancer community because lung cancer has a nasty habit of recurring after treatment. We use the term No Evidence of Disease or NED. We also don't put much faith in survival statistics because they are not very accurate. From only the biopsy report you provided, your dad's cancer appears to be very treatable and he could have a very good prognosis.

What may be the optimal treatment method? Likely surgery and also likely minimally invasive thoracic surgery like robotic assisted surgery or VATS.

I hope this helps. Don't hesitate to ask additional questions.

Stay the course.


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