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NK Cells, Red Raspberry and Cancer


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What Do NK Cells Do That Make Them So Important?

NK cells are one of many interactive components of the immune system, however, they have some very special qualities.

NK cells are in the T cell family and know "self" from "non-self" like other T cells. NK cells focus on killing virally infected cells and cancer, but will kill bacteria, parasites and fungi.

What's really special about them is that they have a completely different way of recognizing invaders. They specialize in killing virus and cancer cells that other parts of the immune system no longer "see" for whatever reason.

Any cell that is "hiding" is vulnerable to attack by NK cells if they are capable enough to respond. This is routine for them as virus and cancer cells tend to try to "hide".

However, when other parts of the immune system are so overwhelmed so as to slow or stop their function, NK cells are the last defense you have.

Low NK cell activity means you are either sick or will be. Conversely, chronic or severe illness would indicate low NK cell activity among other compromised immune system factors.

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