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Side effects/ inflammation


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Is it normal to feel joints pain, muscle soreness,  after Keytruda infusion? 

I feel inflammation all over. Feels like light flue symptoms, body aches, a bit of caughing, and low energy. 

Any recommendation on what might help? Should I ask my doctor for an anti-inflammatory medication?
Or should I just wait it out. I am having to ice my joints every morning  

My oncologist said it is too early to have joints pain after the first infusion. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Hi May ... welcome to the forum. Wish it was under other circumstances. How many infusions have you had? I read that Keytruda symptoms can happen at anytime, including well after treatment. My wife is taking chemo and she felt horrible on day 1. I couldn't say about immunotherapy drugs.


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