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Waiting waiting waiting


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I have been not myself for the last couple of weeks and have been lurking on this site for reassurance (which I have found - thank you!). I am sort of high risk - 66 year old woman, former smoker  - but no cancer on my mother's side.  Father's side all live in Italy and I am not close to them.  I had a 14x9 mm nodule in left lower lobe - 3 months ago it was found incidentally on a CT scan when I had a kidney stone.  The repeat scan was just last week and the darn thing has grown to 17 x 10 mm.  There is atelectasis associated with the supposed nodule.  And, apparently, on a CT scan (for uterine mass that turned out to be just a fibroid) in 2017 the "nodule" was there too - only the report that summarized the findings did not even mention it.  In 2017 the nodule was 8x 5 mm.  So, I've done more than my share of Dr. Googling (part of the "have to know" need, I suppose).  I see that there is a condition called "rounded atelectasis" that can mimic malignancies (the radiologist mentioned this in the second scan), then again, malignancies can also cause the atelectasis.  Just putting this out there helps a bit.  I have been referred to a pulmonary nodule specialist clinic but no appointment yet.  My doc gave me an anxiety medication to help with sleep but I'm terrified i will get addicted to it.  Thanks for being here Lungevities.  

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The waiting is truly the worst side effect of this disease for me so far. The physical effects I can deal with. A racing mind full of dreadful what ifs is terrible.

Wishing you the best. And to help with the mental demons just remember...the odds are that this is not cancer. If it is, the fact is there are many treatments available other than surgery.

Please keep us posted. As you get more information post it. I'm guessing you haven't gotten many responses because so few details. 

You are in the right place. Keep your spirits up and wait as patiently as possible. Even tho they saw some growth, it wasn't radical and measuring nodule size not an exact science.



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Thank you, TJM, for the wise reply.  It could be nothing at all serious and aside from some breathlessness, I feel fine.  The last report said that the nodule was “spiculated” and, of course, I googled that which was not encouraging 😫.  But, I remeber someone on this site saying “ look in the mirror and if there isn’t an expiration date on your forehead, then Go ahead and LIVE!”.  

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