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New little nodules


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After receiving SBRT radiation treatment for a lung mass, a year later on follow up CT’s 2 new tiny nodules are showing up.  They are too tiny to biopsy , about 3-4 mm each, but showed change in size by a mm in 3 months.  So now I’m terrified it’s recurring.  I have been feeling so great and happy that it seemed everything was curative.   Had anyone else had new nodules found that turn out to be benign ?

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Hi LAnn ... I "hear" the worry in your voice and hate that you have to deal with nodules. There are many on hear that can speak to nodules, SBRT, and a lot of other things. I think that small nodules are mostly benign but will leave that to others to confirm.

Do you have more info on your original mass? Cancer type, size, location, all treatments? What have your doctors suggested now?


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New nodules after a curative procedure? Yes, I’ve had that happen many times.  Early in my treatment history, some of these were found to be malignant. But after 16 years of no evidence of disease (NED), my yearly scans still show “phantom” nodules. Search for Cleveland Clinic Pulmonary Nodules to see the information I use to understand pulmonary nodules. In fact, my phantom nodules appear and disappear so frequently, I started charting them on a spreadsheet using the radiologist report to maintain my sanity.

I also had SBRT as my last treatment that finally eliminated my cancer. If you feel comfortable, tell us of the information that Steve suggested in his post.  This will help us understand your cancer and treatment history.

Stay the course.


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