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Question on port


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Question for those who have had ports. Mine was installed on Friday and is still pretty tender. I took off the bandage yesterday per instructions and the wound looks OK. No swelling or real redness but when I touch it or move in a certain way it hurts.

I assume this will get better? My first use will be Thursday. I will use it bit think it might be more painful than the IV. 

Thanks in advance


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I'm scheduled to get one as soon as this PIC line comes out  after the bizarre-o infection I contracted in the one chest drain they left in. I'm currently six weeks delayed on starting chemo. I just don't like giving cancer that long to run around causing mayhem.

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Hi Tom,

Yes, all is going as expected in port land.  It takes a few weeks to fully recover. My Mom had her port installed back in 2016 which she elected to retain after chemo. She doesn’t even realize it’s there any longer. 

Did you get the pre-treatment numbing gel?  That’s a must do. One of the clever nurses on this forum discovered that you can put the gel on and then cover it with a the top of a prescription bottle and surgical tape.  Keeps the mess to a minimum.  

Keep the fluid up on chemo day & skip coffee (it’s dehydrating).  Good luck to you! 

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Thanks Rower,

Got my prescriptions today. I have come two realize two truths about myself (I have LC so would never lie to myself -right?).

Truth number 1 - I really do have a high pain threshold.

Truth number 2 - I really dont like pain. Luckily I dont dread it, or fear it coming. But, damn it, it hurts.

So. I'm a tough son of a witch that gets real grumpy when I dont get my meds. 

Is that crazy? 😎



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My two cents on the numbing cream may be a useful tip. I was told an hour application prior to needle insertion for numbing but I found that if I put the cream on 2-3 hours before needle insertion, this ensured complete numbing during insertion and sometimes the numbing lasted up to 6 hours when the needle was removed. 

Good luck on your infusions.

Take Care, Blessings, DFK

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