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Final staging will be done via the pathology report on the tumor plus the results from testing nodes and locations.  I was upstaged after surgery because of which lymph nodes were involved (from IIb to IIIa).

I am not sure when non surgical tumors get final staging other than from results of scans and biopsy. Bottom line is it is not uncommon to be either upstaged or downstage after surgery.



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15 hours ago, REG said:

Thank you everyone, met with surgeon, he assured me that my surgery is necessary ASAP. He scheduled me for a lobectomy (upper L) on April, 9th. Of course, I wish it could be sooner as they are currently measuring my tumor as 3.9cm, I am very concerned that my tumor will grow to 4 cm (or more) by the time I have surgery...that would move me up to a stage II diagnosis from what I can see? How concerned should I be about upstaging? Guess I don't really have a choice anyway at this point, just hoping there are no unforeseen delays beyond the 9th?

Thanks again to each of you for your very kind support, information and resources!

So glad to hear you have a set date. 

I don't think staging is determined by the size of the mass. 

My understanding staging is determined based on the spread. 

Stage I: Cancer is in your lung tissues but not your lymph nodes.

Stage II: The disease may have spread to your lymph nodes near your lungs.

Stage III: It has spread further into your lymph nodes and the middle of your chest.

Stage IV: Cancer has spread widely around your body. It may have spread to your brain, bones, or liver.

Here is a good link to explain staging. 


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