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Good visit today. I think my oncologist now understands what I am requesting regarding a diagnosis and prognosis for LCNEC. Will see.

Slight change of plan tho. We all agreed that an IV is better than a pill so since no radiation at the same time as Chemo makes it possible to get all my Chemo via IV. Means I will postpone my first Chemo till Monday. No big deal.

Great conversation with the Nurse and she is both professional and upbeat. Hard to imagine actually feeling good about life after a visit for Chemo...yet I do.

I love politics so looking forward tonight to watching the returns. 

All in all a good day.



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Good to hear it.  I've been watching your posts, although I haven't had much of a chance to respond (had to take care of other things lately), but you continue to have a great headset about this and I can't help but believe it will make a great difference in your outcome.


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Lou is absolutely right - your mindset is so very important as you start down this path. Happy to see that you're recovering from surgery and moving on with treatment. 

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